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The Rub Club

Rub Club Program

Two 1/2-hour massages or

 One 1-hr massage per month

Contract Price:  $110.00

You can get as much of this as you would like. Each additional hour is at the same great rate! Many of our clients combine our Wellness Chiropractic Package (two adjustments per month for $110.00) and get the massage before or after the twice a month adjustment.


Minimum 6 Month Contract 

  • Debited on the 5th or 15th of each month by credit or debit card, auto debit checking or cash paid in advance.

  • Roll over until contract ends

  • Auto renews if not cancelled with a 30-day written notice

  • You can combine months if you are behind to receive a longer massage  

  • Get a free 1 hour Swedish Massage with your referral of someone that signs up for a 3 month plan. Good for new client referrals only.


All memberships are based on Monthly checking / credit card autodebit bank draft or prepay only.  All memberships are non-transferable.  NO REFUNDS!  Massage and chiropractic adjustments are used for wellness care (non-symptomatic) and is not applicable for injuries, auto accidents, or work-related conditions.