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Some European acupuncturists, most notably the French and Germans, began treating the points with small electrical charges. By applying different currents and waveforms, good treatment results were possible without using needles. This was an important step in modernizing acupuncture (since then, the points have been found to respond to light, sound and even lasers, as used by the Russians).

Electro-acupuncture with electricity instead of needles, is now used all over the world, even among some of the most traditional acupuncturists. All the major universities throughout Europe today have research facilities for the study and practice of electro-acupuncture. The widespread scientific study it has been given has taken acupuncture principles out of their esoteric, almost mystical background and put them into valuable use, treating more and more sick people every year.



The thing that irritated researchers was the fact that they could not find the "mechanism" whereby it worked. The theory of "qi" life energy was too mystical and not measurable.

Or was it?

Molecular biologists isolated a substance called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP gives living cells in the body their energy. ATP is necessary to power the transmission of nerve impulses, and the acupuncture meridians are believed to be fibers related to the autonomic nervous system. Therefore, the ancient concept of qi flowing through meridians might be explained in terms of ATP and the nervous system.

Although precise biological definitions have yet to be resolved, the field of electronics has been making its own contribution toward understanding acupuncture. The Europeans have long since validated the existence of the acupuncture points by electrical conductivity readings.

The acupuncture points have a lower electrical resistance compared with other areas on the skin. Their temperature is higher and their conductivity higher. This tends to increase even more at points associated with organs that are diseased. These associated points on the skin will often become tender, which is a well-known phenomenon in Western medicine as well.

The researchers found that the points which were electronically detectable corresponded exactly with those on the ancient Chinese charts; which means that the acupuncture points have been accurately located for thousand of years while we've only been able to verify them in the last forty years.

The old Chinese doctors knew something.